A few words about us and our offer

Odpoczywanko.pl is a collection of the best houses for rent in Poland – in our opinion. The idea for creating the website came from our own needs and the needs of our friends. We are often looking for an original place where we could relax, away from the hustle and bustle of the city, traffic jams and crowds. Everything has its own charm, the city too, but each of us sometimes needs a moment to catch our breath and recharge our batteries for the next week of work. We present you only carefully selected and verified locations. We have taken photos and descriptions of all the objects for you ourselves, in order to present you the real look and charm of the place in the best possible way. We only promote places that we have had the opportunity to visit and we simply want to help you find and book them 🙂

Odpoczywanko.pl is a place where you will always find what you are looking for. Search, change, and if you can’t decide – call us, we’ll tell you! 🙂

Our houses are far from people, but close to nature. Nobody will disturb you when you want to sleep or work remotely.

No matter, each of our houses will be perfect in each case. Do you want to spend more time with kids in nature? Cool! Do you want to spend time just the two of you? No problem! Do you want to organize a party, 18th birthday, bachelor party? We have houses and for such occasions! 🙂

We provide you with a complete guide for each location you choose, which we have prepared with the help of the host. Shop, restaurant, viewpoint, river, forest and other cool places. We focus on specifics, thanks to which you will know not only what is, but also what is not in the place you choose – and this is valuable information that is usually overlooked by others 🙂

Our booking is as simple as our website – select a cottage, call us or fill out the booking form and wait for our confirmation response. No complicated registration. Simple isn’t it?

We are on the phone – before, during and after your stay. We provide help at every stage of your vacation. After booking your stay, you will receive detailed directions from us on how to get to the place of your choice. Find time for yourself – leave the rest to us!